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I'm hungry

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NLT will work with you to find the perfect foodie fit to fill your belly. 

Tell them what you are craving and they will customise a menu exclusively for you and your event.

Still needing some mouth watering inspiration, here is an overview of the nice little things we can provide at your next event!

Cheese and dip platters $7.00per person

(served with an assortment of crackers and pita chips, inc vegan and gf)


Cheese and chive dip (veg and gf)
Spiced pumpkin dip (veg and gf)
Middle eastern beetroot dip (gf and vegan)
Hummus with sweet paprika  (vegan and gluten free)
Olive dip with Kalamata, Sicilian and Spanish olives (gf)



Gourmet Platters $15 per person

Gourmet platters come with a range of cheese, dips, meats, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruit, crackers, crudites, pickled vegetables. 

Cocktails $3.00 each

*a bit more than a mouthful!

Baked dates with feta and prosciutto (gf)

Mini tuna patties with capers and crème fraiche (gf)

Mexican tortilla cups with house made refried beans and salsa (veg or vegan avail)

Sweet potato tartlets with roasted rosemary and feta (veg)

Chicken, leek and gruyere tartlets with wholegrain mustard

Roasted cherry tomato tartlets with sharp cheddar and horseradish crème (veg)

Broccoli and feta tartlets with caramelised onion

Hickory smoked bacon tartlets with roasted cherry tomatoes and cheddar

Mini spicy brown rice patties with hummus (vegan and gf)

Mini corn and cheddar fritters with salsa (gf and veg)

Mini thai tofu patties (gf and vegan)

Broccoli and parmesan fritters with sour cream and spring onion (veg)

Zucchini fritters with whipped feta (veg and gf) *$1.00 extra to include salmon on top

Chorizo frittata with peas and capsicum (gf)

Mini sausage rolls - Roast lamb with mint and rosemary

                         Pork crackle with fennel and apple

                         Beef curry with peas and potatoes

Mini segetarian sausage rolls 

Mini segan sausage rolls with mushroom and lentil (available in gf)

Mini segan Pies (available in gf)

Mini thai fish cakes with kaffir lime (gf)

Crispy chicken with blue cheese dipping sauce

Creamy mushroom arancini (available in gf)

Large items $4.00 - $5.00 each

Chicken sticks with Thai peanut sauce (available in gf)

Pork or beef chipolata rolls with horseradish cream and rocket

Mini Bahn Mi with chicken or pork

Sticky Asian sliders with kimchi slaw

Bombay sliders with mango chutney

Tuna patties with capers and crème fraiche (gf)

Spicy brown rice patties with hummus (vegan and gf)

Corn and cheddar fritters with salsa (gf and veg)

Zucchini fritters with whipped feta (veg and gf)

Beef, beer and bacon pies

Sausage rolls - Roast lamb with mint and rosemary

                         Pork crackle with fennel and apple

                         Beef curry with peas and potatoes

Vegetarian sausage rolls 

Vegan sausage rolls (available in gf)

Vegan pies with potato mash (available in gf)

Salads available by the kilo or as a side

Tabouli with brown rice lemon and mint (vegetarian, gf and vegan)
Wild rice salad with cranberries, apricots and toasted seeds (vegetarian, vegan and gf)

Pesto Pasta Salad with pinenuts (vegetarian)

Brown bulgur salad with roasted pumpkin and dried cherries (veg)

Smoky potato salad with kalamata olives (vegan, gf)

Mexican bean salad with corn and coriander (gf)

Couscous with dates and almonds (vegan)

Mediterranean pearl couscous with marinated vegetables and feta (veg)

Coleslaw with apple and fennel (veg and gf)

Beetroot salad with yoghurt (gf)

Chickpea salad with smoky paprika and mushrooms (gf and vegan)

Chickpea salad with tomatoes and cucumber (vegan and gf)

Spicy lentil salad with currants and rocket

Super green salad  (gf and vegan)

Turmeric rice salad with sunflower seeds and apricots (gf and vegan)
Sweet potato with egg and pepitas (gf)

Kale slaw with sweet potato (vegan, gf)

Broccoli and black bean with lime dressing (vegan, gf)

Carrot, walnut and coconut (vegan, gf)



Chocolate and raspberry brownies (available in gf)

Chocolate chip cookies (vegan and gf)

Turkish Delight rocky road

Carrot and kale cake (available in gf)

Banana and chia cake (gf)

Mixed berry and coconut cake (available in gf ot dairy free)

Oreo truffles

Spiced pumpkin cupcakes (Vegan, gf)

Chocolate cupcakes (available in gf or vegan)

Greek Lemon yoghurt cake (GF)

Banana bread

Spiced pear and walnut cake

Salted caramel slice (gf)

Salted caramel fudge (gf)

Rum and raisin fudge (gf)

Apricot and almond fudge (gf)

Cranberry bliss balls (vegan, gf)

Espresso fudge with nuts (vegan, gf)

Orange and poppy seed (available in gf) (available as cake or cupcakes)

Dietary requirements are a NLT specialty

From Vegan and Gluten Free to Nut and Dairy Allergies the food will always be delicious!